Rainy Days and Leaks Lead to Roof Repairs

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No homeowner wants to be running for a bucket every time it rains, or even worse tripping and falling thanks to the puddles of water around your chimney area.

A leaking roof is a pain in everyone’s neck. Leaks on the roof do exist year-round but only become apparent before summer or spring because of the downpour.

Do not be one of those who only wait until spring to fix your leaking roof. Here are some of the reasons you should fix your roof immediately you notice a leak

Mold growth issue

Molds thrive in the presence of dampness on the walls. A leaking roof makes it possible for unwanted moisture to find its way into your walls.

Eventually, mold will start growing and make its way quickly in the wall structure and finally in the house.

It is quite hard and costly to get rid of all the molds. While molds make the house look hideous, they could cause serious issues to your health and those living in the house.

You run the risk of catching nasal congestion, rhinitis, and even asthma.

Electrical fire hazards

If you have a wiring system in your Palm Beach County home attic or inside the ceiling area, then a leaky roof poses a risk of electrical fires.

Shorted wires in your attic could cause fire and raze down your house in worst-case scenarios.

In such instances, the first step is to call an electrician to assess the level of damage before trying to fix the damages on your roof.

Damage to ceiling and walls

Depending on the level of damage to your roofing, water seeping through may cause different degrees of damage in your house.

Small leaks may cause the darkening of the paint in your ceiling if you don’t have an attic. Significant leaks on the other hand will damage things in your attic and also go to the extent of damaging the plastering and paint on your walls. Accessories mounted on the ceiling will not be spared as well.

The rise in utility bills

Significant roofing leaks will have an effect on the insulation around the attic region in your house. Once the insulation becomes saturated with water, it takes longer to dry making it ineffective.

If you put off the repair on your Palm Beach County based home roof for long, the accumulated water damage will greatly compromise the effectiveness of the insulation material rendering them useless.

Temperature control in your house will be impossible hence increasing your utility bills.

Roofing leaks are not to be ignored. They can occur due to a variety of reasons for instance structural failure, strong winds, and storm damage. 

Make a call to Recon Roofing and trust our professionals to make things right for you. We pride ourselves in the countless repairs and installation of new roofs for over three decades.

We are a family-owned business and our craftsmen have tones of experience under their belts. You can trust that we do care about your roofing need, so let us help you live comfortably in your house!

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