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The day you are born is the most critical in your life. The same is applicable for a roof as the installation is a critical moment. Thus, if the roof is installed correctly, it implies that the future will be long and bright. The reverse is the case if the roof doesn’t follow the proper installation process, leading to premature failure. At Recon Roofing Incorporation, we understand that the installation process is aware that proper installation is essential for fixing a roof and reflecting in our craft.

Roof Structure

The installation process starts with design. The contractor will take the responsibility to design the roof structure. A roof’s system comprises numerous elements such as; trusses and rafters. The rafters and trusses must be appropriately positioned to ensure the even distribution of the roof across the home’s exterior areas. If this is not done correctly, there is a high chance of experiencing roofing problems later.

Flashing and Sheathing

Besides the first step, your roofing contractor always places flashing and sheathing on the roof’s surface. Sheathing, also referred to as roof deck, comes with the first protective later positioned on the exterior part of the roof. For flashing, it is designed to inhibit leakages in critical areas such as chimneys and joints. These elements have to be installed appropriately to prevent insulation issues, leaking, and other problems.

Roof Coverings

The final step is fixing the roof coverings. It creates the external compartment of the roof and will have a noticeable effect on the appearance and quality of the entire components. Some popular types include tile, wooden shingles, and asphalt shingles.

Why Is It Essential To Install A New Roof?

Ensuring that your roof is installed correctly will result in numerous benefits, which include;

Longer Life Span

You might not want to install a new roof due to its high cost, and you want to use it for a more extended period as well. The fact is that a properly installed roof should last for eternity.

Warranty Eligibility

Many homeowners are not aware that the installation process adopted by them determines the manufacturer’s warranties. Thus, if a roofer fails to follow the manufacturer’s exact specifications, there is a high chance that the warranty will be considered inactive.


An experienced and skilled roofing company will probably charge more compared to a low-quality contractor. However, you must understand that hiring a professional contractor will pay off later because you won’t be wasting cash on repairs every other month. Consider the payment for a contractor every month to fix the roof once and for all. Ensure that you opt for a professional contractor if you don’t want to run into debt and frustrations.

You can’t quickly tell whether a roof was installed correctly, but you will undoubtedly encounter problems from a poor installation, especially when the rain pours. To ensure that you get the total value for your investment in fixing the roof, ensure that you opt for a reputable roofing company like Recon Roofing, Inc.

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