Is Your Palm Beach County Roof Leaking? Why You Shouldn’t Delay

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Routine maintenance is essential for anything that is in operation continuously. Thus, roofs fall in the same category as they work every time to protect you and your properties from environmental hazards. With time, your roof will get damaged and wear out from continuous use. Many roofing issues get complicated with time, thereby leading to roof leaks. When you notice any leakage, ensure that you take action immediately. Ignoring these issues can worsen the situation and create more significant problems. Read on to find the numerous reasons why you should fix the leaky roof immediately!

Higher Energy Bills

A leaky roof damages the insulation that regulates the temperature of your home. If you don’t fix it very soon, regular drops of water into the insulation will cause permanent damage. Your home’s temperature won’t be regulated efficiently, and your insulation will function abnormally during the summer and winter seasons. The cooling/heating system will discharge more power, leading to higher energy bills.

Mold Formation

Mold formation poses more challenges to your health. If you don’t fix the water and moisture leakage, molds and mildews will grow on your roof and spread rapidly within a short time. Asides from looking ugly, it is unhealthy for the body. Mold spores cause several respiratory problems and allergies; also, it is costly and challenging to remove the mold. Nevertheless, repairing your leaky roof before it gets out of hand will prevent the formation of mildew and mold.

Fire Hazard

Another problem with a leaky roof is that it could lead to an intense fire if electrical wires are passed across the ceiling. Also, the intrusion of water on the electrical wires can result in a short circuit. Ensure that you shut down the electric supply immediately if you notice a leaky roof. It is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t delay fixing your leaky roof. Fire can be uncontrollable and might take time to put off, thereby leading to the massive destruction of your properties.

Reduced Integrity of the Roof

Water intrusion is damaging to your roof as it can destroy the fascia boards, rafters, and framing ceiling joists. Prolong exposure of water to the top can even cause weakening and deterioration of the wooden compartments, thereby reducing the roof’s integrity. If you notice water intrusion to the roof, ensure that you fix your leaky roof immediately to ensure that its structural integrity isn’t distorted.

Slip and Fall Incidents

Little drops of water can become a pool in your home, thereby creating a slipping hazard. Floors like hardwood floors and wet tile will probably cause fall and slip incidents. Any unsuspecting person can hurt themselves while walking on the floor. It can pose a challenge for individuals with children or seniors that can’t decipher things easily.


There you have it! Above are some reasons why you should never delay repairing your leaky roofs. Failure to repair a leaking roof promptly can result in extensive and costly repairs. Call us today at Recon Roofing, Inc. for your professional roof repairs. Our trusted experts will providing an efficient and lasting fix to any issue with your roof. We guarantee quality and professional services.

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