Our Steps in Roof Repair

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Recon Roofing, Inc. follows a systematic procedure to ensure that roof repair services are on point. The areas needing roof repairs can be small or large. The buildings are also of different heights. Our roofing contractors can repair roofs in any building because we have high skills. Please don’t waste your time and money looking for other contractors; we are the best in Jupiter, FL. Specific steps guide us to deliver superb services. 

Site Evaluation

Our licensed contractors are dedicated and passionate about seeing you happy in your property or workplace. Before repairing any roofs, our roofing contractors visit the site and view the damage on the roof. We measure the exact area of damage that requires repair. After assessing, we know the materials and tools to use. This way, we can’t inconvenience you once we repair your roof. 


After investigating and knowing the damage on your roof, we come to you wearing the right gear and with the right tools in hand. We repair the damaged roof by sealing the holes, gutter backup, removing debris, and many more. If the damage is beyond repair, we install a new roof or replace the damaged section.

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